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Mission Statement - The mission of the James River Figure Skating Club (JRFSC) is to encourage the instruction of the skaters in all types and levels of figure skating and to cultivate a spirit of fraternal feeling among ice skaters.


History of JRFSC - The JRFSC has successfully been in operation since 1977 and became a member of the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA) on October 7, 1982 as a fully sanctioned nonprofit club. The main office of the USFSA is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Leadership - The club consists of a seven-member board of directors, each serving a three-year term and voted to the board by the parents of the skaters (governing body). The current list of the board of directors is listed below, The club is governed by its constitution and by-laws (see copy below). The club has many standing committees and additional committees that are required to maintain the operations of the club.


Membership - A membership in the JRFSC entitles a skater to a USFSA membership, an opportunity to test his/her skills in the Basic Skills and USFSA testing programs, participate in the annual ice show and the opportunity to become a competitive skater. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to come to the skating arena to watch and ask questions of the skating coach and/or JRFSC Board of Directors. Parents are welcomed to attend all regular board of director meetings, annual meetings, functions, and activities of the club. Any board member can be contacted regarding these meetings and their time and place. Meeting minutes are available upon request.


Non-members - Non-member skaters from other USFSA clubs may request ice time as permitted by the board on a case by case basis. These skaters will pay an hourly walk-on fee.


Finances and Fund Raising - The JRFSC is an independent group of parents and skaters that work hard to keep the club functioning. The club is financed through registration fees, donations, and fund raisers. The annual ice show held in March or early April of each year is our major fundraising event. Skaters and parents will be asked to volunteer their time for a variety of projects, activities and fund raisers that promote the club.

Dan Tweten, President, 701-269-9844,

Corey Eagleson, Vice President, 701-368-9053,

Lenae Bear, Treasurer, 701-320-6246,

Shaulee Iverson, Secretary, 701-658-9032,

Heather Rostenbach, 218-205-4309,

Gerard Mortenson, Fund Raising, 701-989-1219,

Joe Bear, Equipment Manager, 701-320-9186,

jrfsc bylaws 2021

jrfsc handbook

competitive handbook

newcomers guide

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